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The Pop List

At The Pop List, we make lists and count them down for you with all kinds of stories and facts surrounding each entry.  Our lists range from pop culture to true crime, history, mysteries, and everything in between, we also try to learn something along the way.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy. The Pop List

Jul 29, 2017

All of us like to think that we would step and be heroic if the opportunity presented itself.  Well this week The Pop List brings you examples of ordinary people that did just that when they needed to. 

Listen. Learn. Enjoy. 

The Pop List

Jul 23, 2017

 Everyone has at least one or two movies that they really like but it seems like no one else has seen.  Well here at The Pop List we have quite a few more than just one or two and we decided to share ten of them with you.  So the next time you're setting around thinking about renting a movie, check out one of these gems...

Jul 10, 2017

Whether fraternal or identical, twins have a bond and life experiences that most of us  can only imagine.  While all twin relationships are special some have a relationship that is downright fascinating and some have a bond that can border on creepy.  This episode we explore some of those stories as well as learning a...