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The Pop List

At The Pop List, we make lists and count them down for you with all kinds of stories and facts surrounding each entry.  Our lists range from pop culture to true crime, history, mysteries, and everything in between, we also try to learn something along the way.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy. The Pop List

Apr 24, 2017

While at the same time fragile yet incredibly durable, the human body is no match for the human spirit.  This week we go from the high seas to a prison camp in search of some of the most inspirational stories of survival.  Join us for an hour or so hear some Amazing Stories of Survival.

Listen. Learn. Enjoy.  The Pop...

Apr 9, 2017

The Pop List turns 1 year old April 10, 2017 and to honor this milestone I've decided to record and release a very different episode of The Pop List. 

  This is a bit of an artistic endeavor so the format and the subject matter are extremely different from anything we've released before. If you are not a fan of this...

Apr 3, 2017

     Whether due to a lifetime of training or unflappable instinct, dogs surprise us on a daily basis with their loyalty, determination, and ability to continually prove that they truly are "man's best friend. 

    Some of these will make you smile and some may make you cry, but they are all a snapshot in time, proving...