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The Pop List

At The Pop List, we make lists and count them down for you with all kinds of stories and facts surrounding each entry.  Our lists range from pop culture to true crime, history, mysteries, and everything in between, we also try to learn something along the way.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy. The Pop List

Apr 26, 2020

"Mystery Episodes" have become somewhat of a reoccurring staple at The Pop List, and for good reason.  They are fun from my end to put together and they are consistently some of our most popular episodes.

Today we bring you 5 mysteries that we have dug up from the corners of the "world wide web".  Despite their...

Mar 22, 2020

Here at The Pop List we pride ourselves on mining stories from the unknown to the mundane and there is no better example for the latter than this week's episode.

This episode we dive headlong into company names.  These stories on how these names came to be are fascinating and informative.  We also tack on a very...

Feb 24, 2020

From the start, early man realized there was safety in numbers.  To this end, we still perpetuate this by the growing cities we inhabit today.  So when a person disappears, we get concerned for them and their friends and family.  But when a group of people, a whole community, and in some cases a civilization,...

Aug 25, 2019

Since 1948 some 90 commercial airliners have simply vanished.  With that kind cache of history, you can bet The Pop List mined a few gems for your listening and learning pleasure.

Scary, sad, and baffling, aviation mysteries can be some of the most interesting and terrifying mysteries you can hear about.  That and much...

Jul 7, 2019

Trial and error is one of the most tried and true scientific philosophies for discovery and invention.  Oddly enough, some of our most amazing discoveries have come from the "error" side of things.

Some of the greatest minds on earth didn't figure out some of our most amazing discoveries without a little luck and...