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The Pop List

At The Pop List, we make lists and count them down for you with all kinds of stories and facts surrounding each entry.  Our lists range from pop culture to true crime, history, mysteries, and everything in between, we also try to learn something along the way.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy. The Pop List

Jul 30, 2016

The first episode of our new SHORT CUTS series.

In August of 1980 a desk size metal box with 28 toggle switches on it suddenly showed up in a back room of Harvey's Casino in Lake Tahoe Nevada.  The ensuing investigation and discovery of its purpose is a story of historic significance that most of us have never...

Jul 24, 2016

There is not an accurate count of the total number of islands in the world, but one thing is for sure, we are obsessed with them.  Nearly 10% of the population today lives on an island somewhere in the world, and the vast majority of that population wouldn't trade their island life for anything.  But in the far reaches...

Jul 10, 2016

The title says it all, we're diving head first into the wonderful nostalgia that was Saturday morning cartoons.  Sit with us for a little bit and hear some facts, figures, and maybe a secret or two about your favorite cartoon that you did know.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy.  The Pop List.