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The Pop List

At The Pop List, we make lists and count them down for you with all kinds of stories and facts surrounding each entry.  Our lists range from pop culture to true crime, history, mysteries, and everything in between, we also try to learn something along the way.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy. The Pop List

Aug 11, 2016

Okay, the first time we uploaded this episode we must have had some technical issues because it wasn't playing, so let's try this again.

      You ever read or hear about a true story and just think, that should be made into a movie?  Well there are tons of stories out there that could make a great movie and here at The Pop List we have a few favorites that we'd like to see made into a movie.  In this week's episode we lay down our top 5 true stories that deserve the Hollywood treatment.  Listen. Learn. Enjoy.  The Pop List.